ABA Chief Acknowledges Need for Innovation to Increase Access to Legal Services

State Bar associations’ proposed reforms throughout the United States are gaining momentum as they address a pressing issue within the country’s legal system: legal services are increasingly out of reach for most Americans.

Last week, American Bar Association president, Judy Perry Martinez, told Bloomberg Law that limited access to legal services in the US is a real and growing problem.

“What I know is that there are many in this country who can’t access legal services. And frankly, I think there is a moment in time, right now, where people are thinking critically and innovatively and with a different set of tools in their toolbox.”

ABA President Judy Perry Martinez https://news.bloomberglaw.com/us-law-week/aba-president-looks-to-states-on-access-to-justice-reform

Legal matters can be expensive, time consuming, and confusing for both consumers and even for professionals. The US ranks 99th out of 126 countries for access & affordability of legal services, according to the World Justice Project Rule of Law Index.

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